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February 12, 2009


Junot Diaz is amazing! I waited forever for "The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" to come out in paperback, but eventually gave in and read it in hardcover. So good. It may be a strange thing to do, but I'd really love to recommend a book to you and Scott called "Off The Map," by Mark Jenkins. I am almost done with it. It is a crazy prose poem meditation about being the first group to ever ride across Siberia. It is full of Quixotic magic and beauty. Very inspiring.

Ditto on the Diaz love. "The Brief..." was probably the only time I've truly anticipated a book by an author and it was better than I expected. "Drown" is a similar triumph, I read it a few years ago and constantly Amazoned his name.

"Off The Map" is also the name of a fantastic zine-cum-novella that you can get from Crime(white)think. Also highly recommended.

Junot Diaz on This American Life and Another Appearance on TLA.

I am glad to hear that things are looking up. I really enjoy your blog and read it regularly.

Thanks for the post - I can't live without some LargeFella in my life... Congrats on the new job. I'm sure words can't express your relief! Your family make me smile.

Congrats on employment front! I hope my wife joins your happy cohort soon, but until then, we deal with it, yes?

Sue did her first ride of the year yesterday, so you're not the only one that is not a winter rider, but remember that you are riding earlier than the vast majority of others, so you are no wuss.

I hope things keep looking up and the Scott finishes the book...

Nice going, Team Cutshall. Salud from Mpls.

I am glad to hear that you have found employment. Rich and I have been worried about you, Scott, and Chloe. Also, I have really enjoyed readiing the blog since you took over, because you talk about what is going on with you and Chloe, and other things going on in your lives in more detail. It is nice to get a different perspective. I Hope that you continue to post on a more regular basis. Good luck at your new job. We all hope it goes well.

Congrats on the job! I've enjoyed reading your entries, and am glad things are turning around for you guys.

I just finished this great kids book that Chloe might enjoy: The Mysterious Benedict Society is clever and gripping, and there are puzzles to solve along with the characters. The Percy Jackson books might also be up her alley, especially if she likes fantasy. The Westing Game is a classic, of course. I don't mean to go on, but I'm a little obsessed with ya and kids books. I can think of a string of titles off the top of my head that would be challenging enough for a reader of any age, but that don't deal with teen issues. Of course, you guys might already be familiar with most of them.

Anyway, congrats and good luck!

Great news about the job! Joblessness is what i worry about. Anyway, you all are inspiring, to me. Keep riding

Books for Chloe - The very classic Tripods series by John Christopher. No teenage issues at all. Enchantress from the Stars by Sylvia Louise Engdahl. The Forgotten Door by Alexander Key.

Congrats on the new job! But don't let Scott off the hook from taking in some students here and there. it'd be good for him and for the world of drumming.

Amy, since you're at the helm (for now) can you change the font color to something that's actually visible on a black background???

Hi Chloe!!!


Yeah! Congrats! Glad things are going in the right direction.

starting off somewhere new is often a %7*TCH, Portland should end up being great though. Just give it some time, the winter is always the worst time to move here too, so if you make it through the first year of drizzle, the summer is pretty rewarding. Enjoyed reading your story on the rivendell webpage - and now your blog. Hope you guys stick around for a while!

LF couch photo; too many PBR's, eh? Congrats to Amy on the job. Looking forward to hearing/seeing Chlo's new fish.

Amy-congrats on your job! It's apparent you have your hands full with tending to keeping the family financially secure,managing and nurturing certain behavior(s), and of course nurturing Chloe.
We noticed in one of the blog posts a while back someone asked if Scott had another blog spot, or something to that effect. We're wondering if this community would like to get a glimpse into the man's persona in another genre; the other site. Interesting indeed!!!

Amy: congrats on the job! I'm so happy for you guys... I was worrying every time I thought about y'all, and since I'm one of scott's twitter contacts, that's fairly often. I love chimay but I can't drink it very often: it gives me terrible gas. LOL!

I'm so excited that Scott's been playing drums again... I hope to hear him play someday, as I'm a big drum afficionado. Students would be good.. a little extra scratch and it will help him keep his chops up and pass on what he knows!

I remember Plainsong. Hard to believe it's been 10 years...ouch!

If you don't already have Into Thin Air (Krakauer) on the shelf, that should be one Scott will find tough to put down. Add In the Heart of the Sea (Philbrick).

Glad things are looking up for you all.

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