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February 16, 2009


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Welcome back.

The thing I like most about your blog (aside from the holy s*$t factor of your weight loss) as that it's about a LIFE. Your life. I read it, and I share your joys (the recent trappist post warmed my heart), and I also empathize with your frustrations (and it's easy to see why you've been so frustrated lately).

Ultimately, I appreciate the fact that you've decided to share your life with the rest of the class. You've got a perspective on life that no one else has; right or wrong, I appreciate hearing that perspective.

That's it. Keep writing..always


Thanks Brother, your reply means a lot.

-Me [LFoaB]

I hope you keep writing, Scott. When you get rude, stupid, unfeeling, anonymous crap, remember the source: bitter, no-class losers who have no integrity and have never accomplished anything that wasn't self-serving. Plus, you're probably nearly old enough to be their father. There are plenty of us out here who value your experiences and what you have to say - even if we don't always like every post. Keep writing...always.

Glad you are back. I would miss your writng if you "killed" the blog but I would understand the reasoning if you did. Why not try and take it in a different direction before killing it? Maybe something different than the "this is my diary on the interenet" style and see if you could make it work? You have accomplished quite a bit with the weight loss and the popularity of the blog itself. I would liken the current situation to a cold winter pre-ride in Minneapolis, there are lots of reasons, good reasons NOT to go, yet you go anyway. I think the whole is greater than just one part. Good luck.

Scott - One of the best things about your blog as opposed to others (I'm totally guilty here) is the honesty and real emotion you put into it. Most don't want to show the dark moments and just focus on the shiny, but you see just roll with it and throw it out there - good or bad. Hits, traffic, advertisers be damned - you tell your story and put it out for the entire flippin' world to see. And that's just awesome.

Thanks for sharing what you have, and if you ever choose not to, I'm sure many of us would understand. For my own selfish reasons I sure hope you continue to post, because it gives me light, and sometimes that's what I need. Even whilst dark, it gives light. Again, own. selfish. reasons. But that's how I roll.

As a reflection of your life, of course the blog's going to have dark times-- times of less-than-stellar writing, times of trolls and assholes, times when you wonder why you bother. But also like life, there are times of real insight, times when your readers (some of us, at least) are really touched by something you've shared. Perhaps not enough of us have been posting comments to make up for the trolls and assholes.

I hope that your life is headed into a lighter time, and that the blog will follow suit. I'm another selfish reader who'd hate to see it go.

You probably help many more people than you realize by talking in such an honest way about your own life. I hope you can ignore the criticisms you have received and just keep writing openly about your journey.

I fell asleep somewhere in the 87th paragraph, did I miss anything?

Keep it up. Get this; those jokers that were all nasty still cared enough to get emotional. Man, even haters read your shit.
Anyway, I've enjoyed reading about you and your family and the whole trip. You don't have a bike blog. It's a life blog with bikes (and a whole lotta other stuff)in it.

Glad you're back. I enjoy the rants and the raves. And yes, it is nice to hear all the real shit going on. Don't let the jerks out there get to you. There are more nice people out there anyway. And, thanks!

Now hold on a minute, Scott. You think this is like, "Mission Accomplished"? I don't think so.

Yeah, you started out with the weight loss thing, but that hurled you into a Journey. I have commented on this before. The way I see it, you are on something similar to a Vision Quest. It became about much more, the weight loss was the beginning, but then it got to be about finding a new lifestyle and place to live.

This is what has kept me coming back. As an ex-New Yorker who went on his own journeys in his younger years (and I'm probably old enough to be YOUR father) I have wanted to see where your travels would lead you.

And I don't think you are done yet. The responses from your neighbors in the new town seem to make that clear. Journeys can lead through dark places.

Personally, I have been fascinated by your metamorphosis and hope to continue the Journey with you. The only times I've been disappointed is when you haven't finished an episode (such as the story of the move to Mpls).

Contrary to the truth that you have expressed about most blogging, yours is about something real. Up, down, inspiring, depressing, lighthearted, dark......but always real.

You ain't boring me yet.

Thanks for letting us know so many things about you. We have all been reading your words on a daily basis and it would be missed not to know what you are up to. I know your dreams will come true and that one day we will meet and have a chat.
from Sycamore, IL.

you should know that when the rusa newsletter came into view - I just smiled... I finished my first 200k on the 7th. the 300k is on march 7th... keep riding Scott - you're like my friend away from home. I missed ya

Scott -

You're writing an absorbing play. Maybe you're about to start working on a new Scene. (I was going to say
"Act", but you got - no - gave yourself a lot more years to work with.)

If the noise is getting annoying, just make the signal stronger, eh?

Keep it going. It may not always make sense at the time, but it's one helluva journey. Thanks for everything so far.

- Jim

So maybe I'll hear about it here, or maybe from somewhere else, but one way or another... I'm fer real gonna cry when you finish Paris-Brest-Paris. :)

It's alright to be yourself. Keep blogging. Keep riding. It really is that simple, and that complicated.

We all are who we are. No more or less. A blog is, at its core, a tool for expressing who we are. I would've missed reading about who you are. So I'm glad you've decided to keep writing. Meanwhile, I'll try once again to contact you off-blog about all manner of stuff: drumming, singing, bike-riding and everything else. And eventually we will figure out how to get together, somewhere in the middle so neither of us has to make an epic ride of it.
Hugs --Beth

Just found you from TP featured blog link. Hey, at least people read your blog. I have 3 readers after 4 years. Maybe I am one of those with not much to say, but I _try_ to keep at it because it for a lot of reasons... and it keeps me humble. Ever thought of just turning off the comment feature. I do think that the shouts while you are on your bike would suck... but people will yell at bikers even if they don't know their blog, right?


One of the reasons I read your blog is, that, as a commuter, I like reading about what you experience. While I may not always agree with you, I find your's, and Beth's, blogs give me ideas, consolation and encouragement. So I hope you keep on posting.

Since this was a journey, I'd say we're all waiting to see some gratuitous before and after pics... maybe without the gratuity :)

You’ve confirmed for me what I surmised on an earlier comment: “As I remember it this started as a story about a man’s journey back to life from the edge…”. People who haven’t struggled with or been through what you have can’t comprehend how such a journey changes your core beliefs in what matters in life therefore they mock and deride what they don’t understand.

I totally agree with Greg. This journey only has one end…and reaching a weight point isn’t it. I for one would love know how you manage to keep focus and not yo-yo (something I’ve really struggled with lately). So, I feel you still have allot to share.

Greg brought up another good point: what ABOUT the finish to that NY-to-MN story?

Lastly, thanks for your insights about blog purpose. You’ve caused me to seriously think about mine. I will probably post soon about re-purposing mine.

Ya know what I'd miss the most? The way you write about the mothering/wifing unit, Amy. The two of you have a love that most of us (me included) could only dream about. As for those whom you've supposedly offended, screw them! Whatever, they're just jealous, and probably miserable because they're overweight and don't have the gumption to get their ass on a bike like you have...as a previous comment said, keep writin'!

Sorry you're planning to close down your blog, just as I discovered it (thanks to it being featured).

As a long-time denzien of the network (since 1972), here's what I think about all the negativity: Just don't give them a forum.

Moderate the comments, and don't approve (or delete) any comment that's just crap. Keep any and all decent disagreement -- it makes it interesting -- but abusive posting should be treated the same as spam. It doesn't contribute to you, it doesn't contribute to your blog, and it doesn't contribute to the readers of your blog. Don't validate it by give it any existence.

I've noted a pile-on effect. Where there's one dung-infested comment, the rest of the dung-purveyors smell, well, "blood", and try to show their wares are smellier than the ones that came before.

I've stopped reading technical blogs at zdnet.com, in part because of this sort of comments on their site. (And in part because most of their bloggers seem to put in less thought on their posts than the typical commenter!)

As a very big guy (finally not underweight, but 6'6"), on a Segway (because my legs don't work), I get noticed, and I get a certain number of bad comments. There ARE a few bad people in this world -- but, although it doesn't always seem like it, they're outnumbered. I once got grief from a bicycle messenger who thought to amuse his friends by giving the disabled Segway rider shouldn't exist. You know what? A month later, out of the blue -- I was approached by another bicycle rider, apologizing for his colleague! He didn't need to -- I didn't know him, and would never have known the difference -- but he felt I deserved better, and thought it was the thing to do.

Best of luck, whatever you decide.

I for one would miss your blog if you pulled the plug. As others have said, one big part of your journey has been realized, but it's just the open door to what comes next. It would feel like reading the first couple chapters of a big sprawling novel, only to discover the rest was blank pages.

And if part of your goal is to become a better writer, this English teacher will humbly suggest that's not going to happen if you stop writing

And a selfish Portland part of me is a little miffed that you haven't posted more about your new city. Apparently you're riding all over the place, but all we see are dark photos of your bike parked outside assorted coffee shops. I would think that especially those who are following your journey and are not locals would be interested in where you ride, what you see, etc. I'm not asking for all happy LaLaLa stuff, but a sunset picture or 2 doesn't hurt either.
Keep ridin' and writin'

Maybe this could help fulfil your dreams:

Sheldon Brown's Rambouillet 7-speed


Been reading your blog for a long time keep it up. As many people have said you are on a journey and to some us it is very interesting. Don't let the idiots add to the stress of what you have been through recently. I agree with moderating comments do that for a while and the idiot frenzy will die off and you can get back to enjoying this blog.

Whatever. Just know that you made a difference. Thanks for encouraging me down my path just by having your presence on the interwebs as it made a difference and probably save my life in the process.

Well, I cannot live your life for you, but here is my suggestion: Your writing skill and insight have improved geometrically since you started this thing. Perhaps it is time to switch your efforts from an interesting public diary to something more for the ages. Fiction, essays, screenplays. There are a lot of options. You have a shot at leaving something worthwhile behind unlike most of us. Why not give it a try?

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