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February 05, 2009


The love you express for each other is just beautiful.
From one freak to another, I love you both.
BTW enjoy the cool weather, we have another 40+deg C day tomorrow in Australia.

Amy, Scott, Chloe--I have talked with a couple of nurse friends of mine, and wanted to pass on a bit of resource...do with it whatever you need to...both say that an agency might be a good idea...you will be sent to different hospitals in the area for different "stints" and my friends thought that the agency takes care of licensing...also that traveling around allows you to see which hospital is a good fit...you can contact Jill Hill at SWWashington hospital in Vancouver too...she may be of some help...hang in there...

I just wanted to say, your daughter looks remarkably like a singer named Zoe Lewis. Check out her website pics?

I've been to west coast Portland, I did not find it a very friendly place. I did however find it extremely health oriented.

I enjoy your blog and find it quite inspirational, being a large person who rides a bike myself and I'm also working being healthier.

Oh, I also homeschooled my youngest child. She's turning 20 this summer and doing fine.

Best of luck to you all.

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