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February 05, 2009


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Wow Amy. After you give back control to Scott I sure hope you continue to pop in there and write once in a while. It would be wonderful if everyone could write as well and you and Scott do. Thanks again for taking us along for the ride.

I was wondering how you did it Amy. Thanks for sharing that. Very interesting, and keep that banner high!


I remembering reading the initial article about Scott in the Strib and marveling at the diet that you all follow. I tip my hat to you - I've been trying to eat healthier lately and there are days when those motherly arches of McD's are so darn tempting. Sometimes it's tough to choose between what's easy and what's right, but I think you guys are doing marvelously.

A big part, of course, is the unknown. What if we take away our routine? Will that switch flip again? Will something trigger a lack of commitment? Will something magically transport us back to the land of fat and will all of our healthy habits slide through our fingers? Will the temptation of ease and convenience finally be enough of a pull to take us to the other side that is in our face 24/7? Back to the mainstream? Where is the line that protects us from everything that is waiting to deconstruct us-to suck us back into The American Way?

Simply put - yes. I've seen it happen, done it myself, read the book, etc etc. The second you put your guard down and pass through a drive-thru, it's over. This Thing isn't easy, but nothing good is.

What's funny is, if you tried that stuff now - it would at best repulse you. More likely it would make you ill. I'm talking about the fast food crap, it's tempting, but the first time having it won't be good. Hopefully that turns you off to it, and ya move on.

Of course, knowing this, still didn't stop me from getting a Whopper Junior last week, 20 miles away from anything near "home" with a pickup load full of junk to be taken to the goodwill, shaking from forgetting to eat enough and too much coffee. That didn't end well.

Also interesting, have you noticed how much of a social ICKYPOO america has when you have a beer with lunch? Yet soda is perfectly acceptable? I get a dirty look for having a sweet stout brewed organically at my favorite brewpup owned by a friend of the family over lunch, yet everyone looks at my wife drinking the soda as if there's nothing wrong. Maybe it was the gorgeous portabella and flatbread on my plate in front of me. Who knows.

Keep up the good fight. F**k idiot america.

I just threw-up a little in my mouth.Why does there always have too be an "us or them"I think once you get rid of all the us against them,red and blue,America this mainstreet that,you too can be happy with whatever life throws at you....

I'm glad you have taken over for now... Scott has made me laugh and almost cry (when Chloe said she would not trade anything for the rides with her Dad), but your writing is good...

I'm going to Wikipedia to see what hummus is (are)?
Is it "us vs. them" if one says the "us vs. themers" are wrong and the "we're all oners" are right?
Sorry, just finished a 60 miler without enough intake so the brain's on simple. "we vs. they?"

For those wondering what a hummus wrap is


We live on hummus for about half the year.

How's the cat?

Amy I love to read what you write, I hope you come back often. Because of Scott we started (will be a year ago this coming May) changing our lives. It's not easy at all. We have two teenage children who are pretty ok with everything but I do think they miss the amount of take out we used to consume...and the QUANTITIES...we rarely eat that stuff these days (except for a few weak moments). But we too watched those exposes and I have to say we like the known far better than the unknown.

I also wonder about the "what if" part of this whole journey. What if we stop at McDs just this once...what if I skip this one work out that I do every M,W,F...I'll do double next time...what if. I worry about returning to old habits, old ways...old "routines". These new ones were so hard to adapt, so much effort, blood, sweat and tears went in to them and I feel good, do I want to return to those old feelings? Those bloated, gross, tired, fat, embarrased, unworthy feelings of one year ago...Hell no.

Please keep writing, BOTH of you, I find you, your relationship, your commitment, your perserverence (poor spelling, sorry) and your willingness to be yourselves in a society of "lets be unique together" clones inspiring, you inspire me and so many others to just "be".

I am a misfit and proud of it!

Your friend,
(MePowered Greatness)
Minneapolis, MN

I get it. Really.

Sweetie and I, progressive Jews both, keep a Kosher-style kitchen (meaning we do not mix meat and dairy in the same meal, we don't eat pork products, and we cook with butter or vegetable oil instead of with shortening. Wine at our meals is not necessarily certified Kosher (have you tried Kosher wine? Much of it is simply atrocious.) We do not own the requisite two sets of dishes, flatware or pots and pans; nor is our oven kashered (a blow-torch method that Orthodox rabbis will come and do at your house if you need it done to have a truly Kosher kitchen). In short, our kitchen is kosher-style, but not officially certified Kosher.

For these reasons, our friends who are Orthodox Jews (and we have several) cannot eat in our home. They can visit to be social, but they cannot even enjoy a cup of tea or coffee because it came from a kitchen that has not been made truly Kosher. They are always happy to hear from us, but usually suggest that we come visit in their homes or meet centrally at a Kosher or totally vegan restaurant. (This is Portland, and many Orthodox Jews are willing to eat in a vegan restaurant because they know that at least it's spiritually, if not legally, okay.) While we'd really like to entertain them in our home, we do understand, and their friendship is worth going the extra mile, or ten.

It's good that you're all on the same page as a family on food. As the at-home-Dad, food is my department, but no one in this family really agrees. I love hummus. The kids hate it. Laura can't eat raw garlic. The kids will eat pasta. I like pasta, but tend to stuff myself when I make it. Laura gets sick of pasta. I could eat rice, dal, and greens three or four times a week. The kids won't touch it. Laura likes it. My son eats tons of fruit, like four or five apples and four oranges a day. I'm not worried about his health so much. My daughter eats mostly tortillas. I am a little worried about her. I'm also caught between the two opposing camps of "don't make food and issue," and "eat local, organic, mostly vegetables."

Now I'm deep into the arena of whether to micromanage allowances or not. My son will happily buy $7 worth of Jelly Belly jelly beans a week. I keep telling him that's a bad use of his money, a bad choice, and he's going to make himself sick. The other day, Laura told me that she hears me say a lot, "I think that's a bad idea, but if that's how you want to spend you time/money, go ahead." She thinks I'm not teaching them to make right choices but teaching them to feel bad about themselves. I'm trying to rethink that one now.

I hope the work comes through soon. It's a rough world out there right now. We'll be keeping the three of you in our thoughts.

"A big part, of course, is the unknown. What if we take away our routine? Will that switch flip again? Will something trigger a lack of commitment? Will something magically transport us back to the land of fat and will all of our healthy habits slide through our fingers? Will the temptation of ease and convenience finally be enough of a pull to take us to the other side that is in our face 24/7? Back to the mainstream? Where is the line that protects us from everything that is waiting to deconstruct us-to suck us back into The American Way?"

It's a tough call, as there's a fine line between commitment to routine, and borderline OCD.

I think the important thing to remember is that it's not entirely "Us vs. Them", but rather a continuum between good and bad, with a whole heck of a lot of neutral in between.

For instance, the 7 layer burritos at Taco Bell are vegan if you ask them to leave off the cheese and sour cream.

Likewise the Subway Veggie Delite sandwiches on white minus the cheese and the mayo.

Likewise the Chipotle Veggie Fajita Burrito, and their guacamole's about the best ever.

These may not be the best for you necessarily, but they're firmly in the neutral category.

There is no AMERICAN WAY, there are only the ways Americans are free enough to choose to live. Some take the path of least resistance, some insist on forgine new paths for themselves, and the rest of us pick and choose, because fighting every little battle wears out the troops pretty quickly.

Count the calories, make sure you're getting enough protein, check for animal products, and mix it up a bit.

Do it before the routine becomes a rut.

Don't let the "perfect" be the enemy of the "good". There's enough challenges out there for you guys without making more for yourselves.

Good Luck!

I hope things get better fast for you all. I was just hired after being unemployed for 8 months. Sold my house, moved with my 2 kids ( I have a 3 year old girl named Chloe too!!) into my in-laws house. Now starting the process of moving/home buying all over again.

With regard to being a "freak". It is a choice that you and yours have made. You live with the choices the best you can after you make them. Other people are often not kind to you based on the choices you make. It is an unfortunate part of life, often times.

I felt a number of Scott's(recent) previous posts came off as undignified due to a lack of context. Perhaps going forward a little context would help avoid misunderstanding.


I feel for the stress you and your family are under, and I pray that life plays fair for you soon. I am a red stater and probably one of them as I am conservative in nature, but I have always admired your family, especially for choosing a road less traveled.

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