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December 19, 2008


Down in Westmoreland I think the number of riders is only down about 50%, and I'd not be surprised if a lot of that was the side-effect of various school and businesses closing. When small children are deposited back in your lap because of schools closing, it's somewhat more difficult to get out on the line for the fun of it or to go shopping.

Merry Festivus to you all! Hope the move goes well and everything is super groovy once you settle in. BTW I heard "Even It Up" buy Heart on the radio today and thought of you.....


Glad you'll be in new digs soon. Give a shout if you need more help Friday.
Regarding observations: Maybe the bad driving and less bikes are related, no? But the dig at PDX snow bikers is horseapples from what I've seen. I'm not sure where you were watching - maybe 11 PM where you roll there's not much cyclering, but I've seen plenty. Done my share too. Some fixie riding, Steep Tabor laps on Sunday, 25 miles in east county Wednesday including some singletrack on Powell Butte, and 20 miles Thursday. evidence? click my link. The ONLY thing I was worried about was drivers.

Hey, I gotta get under the skin of you or Beth to keep the replies coming in. I'm building a franchise here folks...

seriously though, I see almost no one, but it could be the late hours I roll. I do see some tracks though, but virtually none compared to MPLS Winter Cyclers.


No worries. I'll admit that many of the locals seem timid about snow riding and you're right to call them out. Hopefully the new stuff this morning + restlessness will = much winter adventurousness. Mount up, people!
And if you need a little 12/25 Festivus packing break, drop in. I'll open a Deschutes Abyss for you. (Google it if you don't know)

7 below and 6 inches of snow here in mpls, back in action after 12 hours, dress warm ride fast and don't plan on looking too good doing it.

"There are no bad riding condition, only inappropriate bikes." Or some similar hooey like that. Seriously, the snow is piled up in three-foot drifts against my house this morning (Monday), and three to five inches in the streets; and I simply don't have a bike that can get through that without some risk to life and limb. Maybe it's mellower in Sellwood, but up here near the Slough it's just too ridiculous to contemplate. I hope to ride again towards the end of the week. Merry Christmas!

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