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December 14, 2008


I told you that you'd get a chuckle out of how we locals handle snow; it's always the same. You'd think it was a hurricane or something. I just returned from taking the Holy Terra up on Tabor for some mountain bike laps with Paul - so fun!

There are about 4 snow trucks in the City of Portland, so it doesn't take very much to make the city grind to a complete stop. And at least Portland has the excuse that it doesn't snow very often around here; I remember, with much more amusement, how drivers would freak out in the Twin Cities when the first snowflake drifted down from the sky, as if the memories of the giant piles and drifts from just nine months back were simply a dream.

Um.... yeah, PDX is like that. I'll never forget traffic working around a Mercedes abandoned in a MIDDLE lane on the I-5 Terwilliger curves. I think there was 3" of snow at most. *boggles*

Here in central WA we've had a high of 15F and looking at more of the same through this week. That's pretty darn cold for these parts and not much snow is on the ground, so the plumbing-and-well guys are going to be busy w/ busted pipes for the next week at least.

You should see what happens here in Tennessee at the mere mention of snow!

haven't had conditions like this since we moved up from crazy sunny frisco in aught four. you've been here how many weeks? coincidence? i think not my friend.

Bismarck, ND:


Wind Chill


Anyone up for a ride?

Yeah, me neither.

Portland has four snow plows, and a climate that usually sees 40 to 45 inches of RAIN a winter. Don't think Sorels, think tennies and rain jackets instead. Most Oregonians simply don't encounter the white stuff often enough to know how to deal with it. So of course it's a novel event here.

When I was a kid in Philly, we went to school until the snow drifts piled up higher than the average kindergartener. Then they'd call off classes. If you weren't as tall as the snowdrifts they made your folks come and get you, they wouldn't let you walk home.

When I moved to Oregon in 6th grade and encountered my first Snow Day (for 2 inches of snow!), I laughed out loud, bundled up and walked to my bus stop to see what the fuss was about. I walked to the corner of 205th and Stark and felt the legendary East Wind for the first time. It knocked me over and sent me skidding along an ice patch into a blackberry bush. I stopped laughing, went home and had hot cocoa with my mom while listening to the school closure list on the radio.

Conversely, it will be interesting to see how you guys handle the sixth or seventh month of damp, gray skies. Personally, I like it; but it has made some suicidal...

..::tongue planted in cheek::..

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