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June 01, 2008


Okay, you got me and I've passed it on...

Oh, dear.

I have just spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out (once again!) how to do all the highlighted words without having to type in the full URL of the blog in questions. Cannot do it. Cannot figure it out. Must have someone in the room walking me through it, which is how I generally have to learn most non-tactile things. Failing that, I will likely bow out of the game because I simply cannot spend anymore unsuccessful time on this right now. Thanks, though; honored to have been tagged. Had the book and everything. Cheers--B

Interesting idea and book selection.

BTW, on your tag list, should it be "Brother" Yam or "Bother" Yam?

Thanks for posting.

Gene in Tacoma

How bizarre...because I am just now reading that same book (Into the Wild).

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