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June 13, 2008


Whoa, nice! Congrats Scott.. now the big question is, how fast can you put a "For Sale" sign on the car? :)

Yeah, dude! Best bike you'll ever ride! Contact me via Flickr if you have any questions or need some views of another Dummy build. Cheers!

Scott, I think you're gonna fall in love all over again... I love my big dummy (Big Ygg, aka Yggdrasill) and I imagine you will to. Chloe might miss pedaling though. It is nice to just be taken for a ride at times I suppose... I'm always the rider, so I just have to go by what my passengers say :)

And WHOA.... PDX? Portland? I must have missed something... I thought you guys were digging on the twin cities... I'll have to go back and catch up fully...

Portland is an awesome city: I'm quite fond of it. I went up there for NAHBS in February and it was a BLAST. Rode my Breezer all over the city and CouchSurfed (couchsurfing.com) with a super cool xtracycle rider and engineer. El Dumbino will be right at home if you guys really decide to move...

ooh!! You will love this more than you will know. And so will your wife!

The little discussions that you two will have because both of you will want to run the errands because you get to ride there on the El Dumbino will become legend!

I love mine and you will love yours too!

Well, THAT was fast! Congrats on the new pickup truck. I love my Xtracycle (especially since dialing in the cranks) and want to ride it everywhere.
So how soon will you be selling off the car?

If you're half as happy with your Dumbino Grande as I am with mine, I think you're gonna be pretty happy with this bike. I was going to say you're gonna be a very happy guy, but it's clear from reading along for the past quite a few months that you've already got a lot to be happy about. Reading this blog always makes me get one of those silly goofy grins 'cause I'm so glad you've gotten onto the path you're on. Anyway, power to you and your family, and enjoy the ride...

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