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September 23, 2007



Mazel Tov!

Didja ever find a frame for your 2nd ride?

Right On! Great to hear, Scott! You are rapidly reaching that point where you've lost more than you are.

Every birthday is a gift - look around you to find what wonderous presents you've received.

keep it goin'!

-- Jim


You're almost half the man you were... and twice the man for pulling it off. Big congratulations.

You're kicking ass and taking names at a point when most guys who were where you were would've given up and ate twinkies until the reaper came calling (more cowbell!)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT! Congrats on yet another loss in the weight cat. and surviving another year! :)

And yes, definitely more cowbell!

My hat is off to you. And, happy birthday.

And, did you get a second ride?

You Da' man. Can you do a look back post explaining how you did it?

You may have to take the first word off your title before long!

I will have to respectfully disagree with

Not a post, you need to think about writing a book on it.

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